Sublative Resurfacing

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Sublative rejuvenation with eMatrix expedites the production of collagen by gently resurfacing the skin. Sublative is a radiofrequency (RF) procedure that yields a controlled ablative and non-ablative fractionated resurfacing of the treated area. This device can be used on all skin types and all complexions for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, scars including acne scars, large pores and overall textural improvement of the skin. Each sublative pulse delivers radiofrequency heat energy through a matrix-based tip to induce highly targeted skin injury. This controlled injury leads to tissue remodeling and collagen stimulation which results in improved skin tone and texture overall. Each session is preceded by topical anaesthetic cream to minimize discomfort, but heals seamlessly with minimal to no downtime. Usually a series of three to five treatments are needed for optimal results.