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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a branch of internal medicine that encompasses a system-specific biology–based approach focusing on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual not feeling his / her best each day. The concept behind functional medicine is to go to the doctor to prevent illness and maximize your body’s performance.

Your first visit will be a 90 minute meeting with the physician to walk through personal, family, social, and medical histories. This visit will also encompass an in-depth physical and physical performance-based questions. Labs and vitals will be taken and a follow-up telehealth or virtual visit will be needed 3-4 weeks after the initial visit to go over the lab results and to implement a highly customized plan to optimize your body’s performance. This may include changes to diet and exercise, the addition or removal or vitamin and supplements, and more.

As part of WeiserSkin’s concierge service, your physician will coordinate with other specialists to ensure that your health care program is seamless, and he will act as your point person through your journey to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Internal Medicine

Dr. Adams provides routine annual physicals, in addition to more comprehensive functional medicine evaluations. He also manages visits for incidental acute illnesses and medical concerns.

Pre-operative Clearance

Dr. Adams provides pre-operative medical clearance for various surgical procedures including physical examinations, bloodwork, EKGs, and referrals for additional cardiac testing as needed.