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PRP Treatment in SoHo


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is an experimental procedure used for stimulation of tissue healing, collagen production and reduced inflammation. PRP contains very high concentrations of certain growth factors that are effective in the healing of various injuries. The treatment involves drawing blood from the patient and centrifuging at very high speed to separate out red blood cells, leaving behind plasma which has been concentrated. The injection of this concentrated plasma rich in platelets and growth factors into the skin has been shown to reduce wrinkles and lines, decrease evidence of sun damage, and even help even skin tone. Scalp treatment has been seen in studies to increase the density of hair follicles on the scalp by stimulating regrowth of hair in dormant hair follicles. PRP can be used either on its own where plasma is directly injected into skin or scalp, or in addition to a skin resurfacing or microneedling treatment. During your consultation Dr. Weiser will address when PRP may be an appropriate treatment for achieving your desired cosmetic effects and which areas may best benefit from this type of therapy.